The Old “The Wrong Files Went to the Printer” Excuse


Apparently, images of Elisha Cuthbert being abducted, abused and killed are too much for even the desensitized residents of in NY and LA to bear. After public outcry, graphic ads for her upcoming film Captivity will be taken down today. We were following this story yesterday as fingers were pointed from marketers to production company to distributor (man, there are a lot of people to blame when you make a movie). But today’s article from the Hollywood Reporter places blame squarely on the poster’s design team:

After Dark said the posting of the billboards was an accident. CEO Courtney Solomon said the wrong files were sent to the printer, who then passed them on to the billboard company without approval from any executives at After Dark. Execs from the indie production company were attending ShoWest in Las Vegas last week and had no idea the wrong billboards were posted until they returned from the convention Thursday to a flood of e-mails and phone calls from angry parents and offended women.

Su-re they didn’t.