The NY Times Wants Your Bad Internet Date Stories

Can the New York Times put out an all-points bulletin for eHarmony veterans to interview for a story? Of course they can. John Tierney writes:

I’m ready to hear your online matchmaking success stories – and, of course, the horror stories, too. I got interested in online matchmaking, the topic of my latest Findings column, while doing a column last year about the other kind of online dating in which you pick out your partners. Researchers who’d analyzed the traffic on the online sites told me they’d love to know more about the eHarmony approach because it might avoid the manifest problems of the online dating they’d studied. […] In a subsequent post I’ll discuss a little more of the science of compatibility and present some thoughts about eHarmony and other companies from researchers in this field. Researchers who’ve looked into these topics are welcome to post comments or e-mail me at ( And I invite everyone, scientists or laypeople, single or married, to report their experiences with online matchmaking. I realize, as ever, that the plural of anecdote is not data, but given the paucity of independent evaluations of these online matchmakers, anecdotes are at least a start.

All this is just Tierney’s fancy way of saying he wants to hear your online dating horror stories. So send him your tales of woe, folks. Send away.