The NY Times Succession Plan Remains Cloudy

Three people want the top spot.

When Arthur Sulzberger Jr. eventually steps down as publisher and chairman of the board of The New York Times, the big question is who will take over? New York has published a massive piece trying to figure that out, but even interviews with 65 current and former Times staffers failed to generate a clear answer.

As you have probably guessed, the group vying for the Times’ top spot is diverse and includes several women. Ha! We kid! Of course it’s three white dudes. They are Sulzberger’s son, Arthur Gregg “A. G.” Sulzberger; Sulzberger’s nephew David Perpich; and the son of Sulzberger’s cousin, Sam Dolnick.

As of now, the frontrunner appears to be A.G. Another wild idea? Split the top spot among the three contenders. “In this scenario, A.G. could become publisher and chairman, Perpich could eventually become CEO, and Dolnick could eventually take over the running of the newsroom,” explained New York.