The Nigerian App Market Is Bigger Than You Might Think

Besides being the home of princes who need your help or want to send you millions, Nigeria is also the home of a growing mobile marketplace. According to BGR, Nigeria has 100 million mobile subscribers. That’s a lot of potential app users and customers.

But the app market is a little immature and so far apps are pretty expensive. BGR has more: “Popular Nigerian apps are expensive. Very expensive. The two best-selling bible apps among the top five apps on August 10th were each $10 — and some of the most popular in-app purchases cost as much as $35. “QuickOffice Pro” made the top-10 list with a $15 price tag, and the popular game “Chaos Rings” costs $13. Nigeria may be a poor country, but the people who can afford Apple’s (AAPLiPhone do not chase after free apps. In contrast, 9 out of the 10 highest-grossing iPhone apps in America are free.”

But who knows with a little enthusiasm and adoption, Nigeria could become the next big hotbed for apps. After all, the country makes more movies every year than the United States.