The New York Times Store: Let Judith Miller Hold Your Pencils!

newyorktimesstore-thumb.jpgJust in time for the Christmas season* the New York Times has opened a little store amongst the holiday shops at Bryant Park (which are, for the most part, scheduled to open officially on November 25th). According to savvy spy NewYorkology, The NYT store has all sorts of goodies, including beach towels, books, crossword puzzles, photographs and freedom-loving T-shirts. But the pi&#232ce de r&#233sistance comes in the form of “a very special pencil holder”:

The pencil holder has a full-color reproduction of the front page of the New York Times from January 22, 2003. And sure enough, just below the fold you can find a vintage Judith Miller byline: “U.S. Deploying Monitor System for Germ Peril.” Priced to move at $14.95.

We’re gonna hold out for our “Valerie Flame” notepads, not to mention our Jayson Blair pocket protectors.


*Oh, my God, I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.