The New York Times Goes “One-on-One” With Robert Gibbs

Robert Gibbs portrait123.jpg

In anticipation of what may be the most challenging week of the Obama presidency, The New York Times went “one-on-one” in a video interview with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

In a seemingly unedited 21-minute interview from Gibbs’ office, John Harwood, who reports for both CNBC and the Times questioned Gibbs on a variety of topics, including “health care reform, government transparency, the unemployment rate (and how his exposure on television has affected his daily life.”

Regarding the unemployment rate, Gibbs stated, “We’re making progress in the fact that we’re losing fewer jobs than we were even just a few months ago.” On health-care reform and some of the challenges “selling” it to the American public, Gibbs stated, “We have not pitched a no-hit baseball game. That being said, we are closer to getting health-care reform passed than anyone has gotten in the forty years that it has been one of the big issues on America’s political radar.”

The Times doesn’t allow for video embedding, so you’ll have to click here to watch the video on their site.