The "New Twitter" Will Let You Watch Videos, View Photos and Listen To Music

At yesterday’s Twitter conference, the company announced their New Twitter with a fantastic indie-style video that demonstrated the new service as a vital component of the connected person’s life. The new features aren’t necessary revolutionary, but with over 160 million registered users and 90 million tweets a day, it’s probably a good thing that the changes only enhance the current Twitter user experience. We take a look at some of the new features below.

The main attractions of the new service are the visual layout – there are now two separate panes on the screen at once – and the immediate, integrated response to clicking a tweet – you immediately see the user’s profile, their latest tweets and embedded media in the right hand pane. Yes, I said embedded media, as in a Youtube link will be converted to a video right within the Twitter interface. Before I talk more about it, check out the video for a demonstration.

I can’t see how any user would begrudge the change, and I imagine it will almost immediately invalidate the previous functionality which required you to click into a new page to look at a tweet in depth. We’re talking about saving tons of time and ensuring that you’re able to see the media and links you want within a few seconds without having to jump to another site. The features make Twitter a media hub where you can consume all sorts of entertainment from a variety of sources. Twitter has partnered with 16 companies to ensure that their media embeds naturally. The partners include YouTube, Justin TV, DeviantART, TwitPic, Flickr and more.

The quick snappy response of the page also seems quite fulfilling, although I haven’t got to play with it yet because it hasn’t rolled out this way. What do you think of the new changes?

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