The Mention of the Making

Remember way back when to a time when a former SportCenter anchor launched a half-contrived, nearly always hilarious little late night cable program called “The Daily Show”? Who would have had any idea that it could have come this far, blossoming into the powerhouse it is today? Not only does the show succeed on so many levels, helping to keep we watchers nervously terrified and always laughing, but last years’ book, “America: A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction” proved that the formulas could work in other mediums as well. But all the video editors, line producers, and directors of the on-air program will be the first to tell you that the show doesn’t succeed simply on strong writing alone. Same applies to the book.

Enter Pentagram designer Paula Scher, who, with the show’s executive producer, the very swell, Ben Karlin, will be appearing on February, 2, 2006 at this AIGA San Francisco event, to discuss:

How do you take boring textbook format and bring it to life? Where do you draw the line at what you are willing to call Anne Coulter in print? How do you get around federal statutes forbidding the use of a live bald eagle for commercial purposes? Learn all this and more as author and designer co-present the making of the hilarious cult phenomenon.

If you live in San Francisco and are in any way interested in design, humor, or left-leaning politics (all four of you), get yourself on a streetcar, make them do that rice commercial bell thing, walk down that really crooked street, and then stop wasting all that time doing tourist-y things and get to this event! Geez.

Note: This is the kind of thing that might result in a transcript. If we see one, we’ll post it. If you see one before us, please drop us a line. Thanks.