The Martian Is a Comedy Because Hollywood Foreign Press Says So

Rumor is Steve Harvey should have presented this award.

Last night was the 73rd annual Golden Globes. The pomp. The circumstance. And all that bleeping.

And while the censors were seriously earning that money, something happened that is causing some PR backlash for the Hollywood Foreign Press.

Apparently, while the silver screen was full of serious dramatic movies pining for the attention of anyone handing out statues, the makers of The Martian decided their chance of winning in the Drama category was slim to none.

So, it was offered up to the Hollywood Foreign Press as a comedy. And it won.

Do the voters even watch the movies they elect, or do they just kowtow to Hollywood for ratings and popularity?

Doesn’t make sense, namely if you saw the movie. Just ask that guy who starred in it:

“No, it’s a musical,” Damon joked about ‘The Martian.’  “And that’s what the 18-year gap was, me working on my singing.”

And while Ridley Scott told the world otherwise, Twitter couldn’t help itself discussing the desperate plea for relevance: