The Many Pros and Cons of the Art Institute of Chicago’s New Modern Wing


Speaking of museums (as, strangely, we have been all morning), Renzo Piano, and trying to weather the economic storm, we now fly back here to Chicago, where the starchitect’s $238 million dollar new Modern Wing is set to open next week at the Art Institute of Chicago. Tribune reporter Mark Caro took this great look from all sides about the building’s creation and opening, offering quotes from both the pros and the cons. The pros see it as a great thing for the city, like a sort of thumbing of the nose to this wreck of a financial situation, as well as a great day for art in general. The cons think the whole think went too far (in the early planning, the new wing was only to be 75,000 square feet, but quickly ballooned to 264,000), was too expensive, and they still aren’t pleased with the museum’s admission increase, which conveniently goes into affect the week after the addition opens to the public. So who wins? Like most all things, only time will tell.