The Louvre Most Visited Museum of ’07 By a Huge Margin


Don’t be surprised if, the next time you’re in Paris, you see those gigantic foam “We’re #1” hands for sale at the Louvre‘s gift shop. Sure, it’s a little tacky, but you have to give it to them, as Bloomberg is reporting that the famous museum has been chosen at the number one museum worldwide, having receiving a mammoth 8.3 million visitors last year. How does that relate to, say, the Met or the British Museum? The Louvre beat them by a factor of two. There’s also a batch more information, compiled by The Art Newspaper, running the numbers on things like “Most Popular Exhibitions.” Here’s a bit:

The Louvre led all museums worldwide with 8.3 million visitors in 2007. The Centre Pompidou attracted 5.5 million visits, putting it in second place on a list of the best-attended museums compiled by the London-based paper for its March issue.

Tate Modern on the Thames in London counted 5.2 million entrants, followed by the British Museum, with 4.8 million, and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, with 4.5 million, the paper said.