The Live Coco Cam: 24 Hours of Conan O’Brien on YouTube

Conan O’Brien will turn to YouTube to help promote Conan, his TBS show, which is set to debut Nov. 8, with a 24-hour live stream, The Live Coco Cam.

Conan blogger Aaron Bleyaert previewed The Live Coco Cam on the YouTube Blog:

People constantly ask me questions like, “Hey, Aaron, what’s it like to work at such an awesome show?” Or, “Hey, Aaron, what do you guys do all day in your offices?” Or even, “Aaron, you are incredibly handsome — how can one man have such stunning good looks?” The answer to that last one is simple: I moisturize.

For the answer to the first two, I invite you to tune in to the massive online comedy event we’re calling “The Live Coco Cam.” As the word “live” implies, it will be live. And as the word “Coco” implies, it will be TOTALLY AWESOME. Starting today at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT, we invite you to take a look inside the wonderfully weird offices of the brand new Conan show as we prepare for our Nov. 8 debut on TBS. We’re shoving a camera in the second-floor stairwell of our offices and will be broadcasting all of the behind-the-scenes comedy madness live for 24 hours. Here’s a taste of the crazy:

Who’s gonna show up? What’s gonna happen? As our Live Coco Cam event unfolds, all the weird, funny, and tender (yes, tender) moments will be captured and uploaded to Team Coco’s official YouTube channel so you don’t miss a second of the action. In addition, we’ll be Tweeting about the events through the day and night from our Team Coco Twitter account, and we will be recapping all the events after they happen (as well as after the event ends) over on our show blog at … That is, if I survive the next 24 hours. 😉