The John Edwards Love-Child Non-Story

58573.jpgHeard the one about John Edwards and his love child? Well if you haven’t maybe it’s because you are a victim of the mainstream media’s evil liberal bias. Over at Slate Jack Shafer is taking the press to task for refusing to report Monday’s National Enquirer‘s Edwards love-child story. If Larry Craig was fair game for all what makes Edwards so special? Isn’t he also a hypocrite who deserves the same over the coals treatment at Craig received last year. Why the kid-glove treatment? Is this maybe less about a liberal bias than a homosexual one? Lord knows middle-aged politicians cheating on their wives is a entirely novel story-line.

At least three-dozen daily newspapers in the United States published the Craig news the day after the Roll Call scoop…but this morning not a single U.S. daily mentioned the Enquirer piece…Or are they observing a double standard that says homo-hypocrisy is indefensible but that hetero-hypocrisy deserves an automatic bye?
Is is sort of amazing that in this age of the endless news cycle this story didn’t garner anything resembling mainstream coverage, however!, with the entire American Press corps following a certain Senator on his world tour we imagine it’s hard to keep up.