The ISG Top 25 Facebook Games for July 2009


Each month, it seems like there are a few surprises in store on the Facebook gaming charts. Back at the start of June, we saw a number of new titles appear within the Top 25. One in particular, Farm Town, debuted at #4 with nearly 8 million monthly active users. It just goes to show that even today, with Facebook’s viral channel allocation limits in place, new games can still become popular once word starts to spread.

Of course, distribution has always been an issue for new companies with no marketing budget, but Farm Town shows that things can still grow without a lot of initial spend. This month, Zynga is hot on the heels of Farm Town with its own new farming release, FarmVille.

The highlights from this month’s Top 25 Facebook Games:

  • FarmVille, the newest farming game from Zynga, is debuting all the way at #8 with just over 5 million users. Zynga has been heavily promoting FarmVille inside its other games, and goes to show just how strong its cross promotional muscle really is.
  • In another surprise, MindJolt Games moved from #6 to #4 with a gain of over 4 million active users this month. It surpassed YoVille (who now holds #6) as well as newcomer Farm Town (who got bumped to #5).
  • As expected (and predicted) the Sim-like Restaurant City continues its steady rise in the rankings. With a gain of over 1.6 million MAY, the latest Playfish title tallies in at 5,861,728. Will it overtake Pet Society in the future? The gap is closing.
  • PopCap‘s Bejeweled Blitz jumped from #13 up to #11 despite its simplicity and Metrogames‘ Biotronic increased drastically in standing, moving from #21 to #15. The game now has 3,398,277 monthly actives.
  • Metrogames’ other title, Waka-Waka, jumped three places with a gain of over 1 million to 3,109,541 players in the last month.
  • Chain Rxn, on the other hand, seems like it is going to be a fad – it faded drastrically from #11 to #21.
  • Two new titles make their debut as a new game from TheBroth, Inc. Barn Buddy appears at #18 with almost 3.2 million MAU, and Pillow Fight, by Shikha, shows up at #23 with about 2.6 million.

For the second month in a row, new games have appeared on the Top 25 charts. While the latter, Pillow Fight, seems like it could be short lived, it goes to show that new developers can be successful on the Facebook Platform. Out of all the latest numbers, we think the most interesting to watch will most likely be Bejeweled Blitz, Biotronic, and Restaurant City. Much more coming soon.