The Huffington Post Teams Up with No Impact Project

NoImpactProjectLogo.jpgNo Impact Project, a nonprofit project founded by Colin Beavan, author of No Impact Man and subject of the film of the same title, is teaming up with The Huffington Post on No Impact Experiment, an eight-day program that encourages individuals to learn about and implement lifestyle changes to lessen their impact on the environment.

HuffPost’s Green section and its Eyes & Ears citizen-journalism platform will drive awareness of the No Impact Project and feature its how-to guide on reducing one’s ecological footprint. No Impact Project, meanwhile, will host community forums for sharing experiences and best practices on its Website, and HuffPost will highlight and feature stories, pictures and video submitted to both sites.

HuffPost co-founder and editor in chief Arianna Huffington said:

We’re delighted to partner with Colin Beavan’s No Impact Project to offer HuffPost’s community a fun, inspiring way to join together and make changes in their lives that will benefit the environment. We want to spark a conversation about the way our culture looks at consumption. We hope that after focusing for just over a week on how our daily habits impact the world around them, our readers will see the effect our actions have in a new light. It will be very interactive and social—and empowering.

And Beavan added:

HuffPost is the ideal partner for creating awareness of the No Impact Project, given the large size of its passionate and informed audience and the way in which HuffPost’s community engages with one another on the site. Their users will be able to embark on this experiment without feeling like they’re doing it alone, and they will be able to share their experiences to inspire one another throughout the week. No Impact Week will continue the conversation I began in my book and film, making the experience directly accessible to participants. The week is meant to be enjoyable as well as educational, and we hope HuffPost’s users will come away from the experience feeling empowered about their ability to make a difference on the environment.