The Huffington Post Debuts HuffPost Sports

HuffPostSports.jpgEvery good newspaper has a sports section for those of us who read the paper Hebrew-style (backwards), and now The Huffington Post has HuffPost Sports, which launched Wednesday.

Bloggers contributing to HuffPost Sports include agent Arn Tellem and longtime sportswriter Mike Lupica, and the section will cover breaking sports news, player profiles, gossip, pop culture, betting, historic rivalries and predictions.

The Huffington Post co-founder and editor in chief Arianna Huffington said:

We are delighted to launch HuffPost Sports for our many eager sports fans. Ever since we launched, HuffPost users have asked for a HuffPost take on sports: one that would engage them with interesting and surprising content and have a spirited sense of fun. Of course, sports loom large in the country’s consciousness—from game coverage and the big business of sports to its larger-than-life personalities and fantasy games—so it’s a natural next step for HuffPost to create a sports section offering users highlights and lowlights, must-see video clips and fresh views from a broad array of bloggers, weighing in on anything and everything from the world of sports.

She added in a post on HuffPost Sports:

The one thing about sports that I never lost interest in was the language and unique terminology that accompanies each game. I particularly loved how often sports terms and metaphors are used in politics. This politician really needs to swing for the fences if he hopes to win Iowa. That one is doing an end run around Congress by going directly to voters. Lobbyists are applying a full-court press to derail reform. The best defense is a good offense. It’s time to throw long. It’s the bottom of the ninth—time to send Bill Clinton to the Hill to twist some arms. Election Day is going to be a photo finish. And, of course, the case against Saddam is a slam dunk!