The Hill‘s New Soap Opera

The Hill‘s publicist Tricia Barba left last year after a year. The role has never been filled. But now they’ve hired an editorial assistant who will focus on social media. And so far, Megan McCourt is not boring. A former intern to Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) through the Panetta Institute, she’s a 2011 graduate from California State University, Chico.

McCourt, who will not be a spokesperson, has been tasked with expanding the publication’s online presence using social media. She will use social media outreach to build their followers and deliver their news in as many ways as possible.

McCourt began her new job Tuesday. And watch out reporters — she’s not afraid to tweet about you. So far, she’s already using social media to open up about her daily workplace existence. We like it — keep going!

  • “Just caught a co-worker checking me out on LinkedIn. I guess it’s easier to learn about me online than face-to-face. #OfficeDrama”
  • “She just came and introduced herself to me. She was being a good reporter and getting all her facts first!”
  • A follower remarked, “I am convinced getting noticed won’t be an issue for you.” She replied, “Sometimes, but now I’m the shy new girl in my own empty office waiting for reporters to notice me!”