The Hill to ‘Liquid Launch’ Allen Into Next Job

We’ve already reported that The Hill‘s Jared Allen is leaving the publication for a job in PR as Asst. VP at FD. Here are the internal memos – one, a goodbye note from Allen and another, an announcement from Editor Hugo Gurdon.

A goodbye soiree for Allen is set for next week.
We wish him all the best.

Here’s Gurdon’s memo:

“I just wanted to remind you that today is Jared’s last day here. I’m sure everyone at The Hill wishes him well. Please join him at the Post Pub next [week] after work for a liquid launch of his new career in public relations.”

Read Allen’s farewell memo after the jump…

Hey gang,

Well, now that we’ve come to the end of the line, I’m finding myself somewhat at a loss for words. Go figure.

I will miss you all very much. You are a tremendously talented group, and you were terrific colleagues.

I want to thank Hugo for the opportunity, Bob for the direction, Ian and the other editors for the guidance, and my fellow reporters for the inspiration and energy when it was needed the most.

Please stay in touch. My cell is staying the same, and you can always reach me at BLANK.

Good luck and best wishes to you all.

– Jared