The Hill Hires New “Under The Dome” Columnist

From their internal email:

    I am very pleased to be able to tell you of several changes at The Hill. Daphne Retter, who for the past five years has been a staff reporter at Congressional Quarterly, will join our newsroom as the writer/editor of the Under The Dome gossip column. Daphne has most recently been a Senate reporter but has also been an increasingly frequent contributor to CQ’s Pulse of Congress column, where her contacts, wit and eye for off-beat stories have shone. She will start at The Hill on May 29. On the same day, we will be joined by Manu Raju, who is also currently at Congressional Quarterly, where he covers the energy beat. He will become The Hill’s second full-time Senate reporter. The third change you need to know about is that Jennifer Yingling is taking on the role of Special Projects Director in addition to her duties as Deputy Managing Editor. This means she will take a leading role in preparations for next year’s nominating conventions and other non-routine but vital work, just as she has taken a leading role in the development of our new websites.