The Heart is A Lonely Blogger: Emily Gould Shopping a Memoir

nytcover.jpgSo you may have heard that Emily Gould, former Gawker and Galley Cat writer, and author of the recent and much-discussed NYT Magazine cover story, is currently shopping a memoir ostensibly called “And The Heart Says… Whatever.” It’s an unsurprising move considering the attention her Times Magazine article garnered — we sort of assumed any agent in their right mind would be capitalizing on that wave of press attention. While we haven’t spoken to anyone who’s actually seen the proposal we are told by people in the industry that the word on the street is that whatever Gould has on submission goes beyond the Times article, and will focus more on her growing up and less on her time at Gawker.

Speaking of agents, it may be of interest to some to note that Gould recently switched from Julie Barer who repped her YA book Hex Education (co-authored with Zareen Jaffery)(Barer also counts Joshua Ferris among her clients) to Trident’s Mel Flashman who represents, among others, Megan Hustad and Stanley Fish. Trident has a strict no-share policy on its submissions, which may be why this one is proving so elusive.