The Greatest App of All-Time? Mosaic Legends Brings Muhammad Ali to iPad, iPhone

Mosaic Legends debuted two new apps that float like butterflies and sting like bees: Muhammad Ali for the iPhone, and Muhammad Ali HD for the iPad.

The apps include 3,200 classic images of boxing icon Muhammad Ali, as well as quotes, facts, and a time line of his career. Each image contains accompanying text, which reveals itself when tapped.

Mosaic Legends teamed up with Muhammad Ali Enterprises and The Muhammad Ali Handbook author David Zirin in preparing the apps.

Mosaic Legends artist Craig Adam said:

There is no person who has had a more significant impact on the history of sports and popular culture than Muhammad Ali. We are proud to unveil our most ambitious project yet, one that details his extraordinary career to millions of fans and admirers around the world like never before. Our technology has allowed us to encapsulate Ali’s career though thousands of hand-picked images and present them as one mosaic image and as individual pieces of facts in great detail, giving everyone a chance to revisit their favorite moments of his amazing life.