The Grass Isn’t Greener

At telecom company Qualcomm, HR directors, along with consultancy The Hay Group, surveyed voluntarily departing employees and found something interesting, HRE Online reports.

A full 68 percent who’d voluntarily left in the past two years would come back and work for the company if asked.

The Hay Group cross-referenced those who would come back with the former employees’ performance reviews and found that those who wanted to come back were “disproportionately” the high-performers.

In other(more pessimistic) words, the employees that thrived in Qualcomm’s culture were the ones who liked the culture best.

The Hay Group also found that the best time to conduct the “exit” interview was 45-90 days after leaving, because the employee is less worried about getting a good reference (is probably gainfully employed) but still recalls the details of working there.