The GOOD, and the BAD, But What About the Ugly?


The entirety of Good’s design issue is now online (the one we were raving about earlier this month) and even if you’ve got plenty of work to do this afternoon, we recommend reading it. We couldn’t wait to share one piece authored by Scott Stowell of Open, who is also the design director of the mag, called Project 006: Good or Not. Each Good ends with a similar project for its readers and this one should be fun for all UnBeige readers as well:

Cut out the “GOOD” and “BAD” cards from a copy of the magazine, or print them out, and when you see a piece of design you think is particularly good or bad, photograph it with the correct label and upload it to Flickr.

You heard the man. Print out the labels above (or make your own, you are designers) and upload your photos to the GOOD or BAD Flickr set.