The Future of Magazines, Slowly but Surely

14-magazine-stand-large.jpgNecessity is the mother of invention, so the saying goes, and as everything print continues to plummet the magazine world is coming up with some novel ways to combat the drop in ad sales, much of which will obviously involve transitioning online. To this end a number of websites are finding new ways to direct readers to subscriptions. allows readers to browse the most recent magazine covers and then click through to a website Universal News on Demand, that not only allows you to subscribe to the magazine but will deliver it to you in as quickly as two hours (as opposed to the usual six-week delay).

Portfolio currently has a piece up about, the Time Inc. backed netflix-like website launching in late September, that allows subscribers to pay a basic fee for a mix of monthly subscriptions. Says Dave Ventresca, president of Maghound Enterprises: “Look at TiVo, iTunes, Netflix, they have raised consumer expectations of how much control they should have over their media choices. We haven’t seen that kind of innovation in the magazine space. Sending seven or eight renewal notices in the mail and saying ‘Time to write a check’ — that seems like an antiquated way to do things.”