The Future Of Journalism: ‘Tradition Is Not A Business Model’

Fifteen of Germany’s most popular bloggers signed a manifesto on the future of journalism. It apparently caused enough of a stir that the site went down at one point. Now they’ve released the manifesto in English. Much of it has to do with how the Internet is different, not particularly anything we’d cover on a jobs-related blog, but we liked statements 12 and 13: “Tradition is not a business model” and “Copyright becomes a civic duty on the internet.”

The writers elaborate:

“Originators’ rights to decide on the type and scope of dissemination of their contents are also valid on the net. At the same time, copyright may not be abused as a lever to safeguard obsolete supply mechanisms and shut out new distribution models or license schemes. Ownership entails obligations.”

We like.

Of course, there’s a (satirical) addendum by blogger Malte Welding (in German) that we’re told contains the sentence “We’re right; we’ve been doing this for five years already” which also seems, well, appropriate for anything involving the Internet.