The Fog of (Branding) Wars


Afraid that people are a little unclear on what your brand stands for? Then why not…uh, immerse them in fog? A Fogscreen, that is. The product, which has “Most Popular Children’s Science Museum Attraction Ever” written all over it, promises a “walk-through” branding experience. It’s a projection screen (featuring your message, graphic, animation, vacation photos, etc.) that blends tap water, ultrasonic waves, and patented technology developed by virtual reality researchers to create a layer of microscopic fog droplets that are dry to the touch. And if you want to really blow their minds, add-on features can turn the display into an interactive touch screen.

The Fogscreen pictured above was featured at a recent event at Paris’ Grand Palais, where someone who resembles a hirsute Dick Cheney gave it a walk-through. The company is based in Helsinki (which may explain the above fellow’s hair), and we have two words of advice for its leaders: Marimekko Fogscreens! We’re happy to beta-test.