The Flawless, Disciplined, On -Message Barack Obama Campaign


(Chief Strategist David Axelrod with the President Elect via “The Team Around Obama”)

It’s too easy to say Barack Obama’s sweeping victory was about any one thing, or there was any one turning point. It is however, going to go down as a textbook case in putting forth an unwavering message.

The New York Times had the lengthy campaign history article “Near-Flawless Run is Credited in Victory”) ready to go last night. It highlights some of the reasons the campaign was able to outlast early frontrunner Hillary Clinton, and then turn many of her voters and volunteers his way to win convincingly.

It starts with Obama communications director Dan Pfeiffer’s shock over John McCain’s incredible “fundamentals of the economy are strong” quote and how the campaign reacted to it quickly.

With the designs of strategist David Axelrod, and manager David Plouffe, Obama built what proved to be the kernel message that anchored all communications from his great speeches down to emails to supporters: this is a great candidate who happens to be black.

It’s a good lesson given the mainstream news cycle and user-generated tools that make 2000 and 2004 look slow and rickety by comparison. You can adjust and respond easier if your core strategy makes sense and is consistent.