The First Annual Streamy Awards!

That’s Lisa Kudrow, who was a presenter for the Audience Choice Award.

Every year the Academy Awards sets out to legitimize the movie industry though a glitzy widely-broadcast ceremony that suggests the film industry is very very important. That actors are very very important. That sound editing is very very important. If not, there wouldn’t be a ceremony with statues, right?

Now Web Television (a contradicting phrase much like ‘soy cheese’ or E! News) has attempted the same thing. Meet the Streamys. The Emmys of the Internets. Their first annual awards ceremony was held on Sat. March 28th at the VA Center auditorium, Wadsworth Theater in Westwood.

The Streamys celebrate web-only work. The winner of the most awards it was nominated for, the Slum Dog of the Streamys, was Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog staring Neil Patrick Harris and directed by Joss Whedon, a web show that in talent and production is indistinguishable from a traditional tv show. Actually it is a traditional tv show – just posted on the web. It was kind of like having the actual Slum Dog at the Streamys. Not fair.

Anyway, the point of the Streamys is to push web tv into the mainstream. But isn’t mainstream web television – just television? Quarterlife, anyone?

So mission accomplished and they’re out of business?


This is Felicia Day on the red carpet before the show. Everything Day was in this past year was nominated. She’s the Jude Law of this year’s Streamys.


This is Bob Kushell, internet talk show host and award presenter. He promises ‘a full-length talk show in five minutes!’ Hm. Sounds too good to be true. Pictured with FishbowlLA editor, Tina Dupuy

For more on the Streamys and the winners visit their site.

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