The Emotional Side of Jean Nouvel


Starchitect and notable bald person Jean Nouvel was the subject of the Guardian‘s most recent reoccurring feature, “Portrait of the Artist,” wherein the artist in question answers a few questions on a more personal, emotional level than the standard, “Hey, how’d the heck you make that art thing?” He talks about sacrifice, disappointment, early successes, and everything in between. And it’s accompanied by a photo of Nouvel peeking out from behind some multi-colored French sculptures, proving once and for all that he truly is an adorable sprite underneath that all-black clothing exterior. Here’s a sad bit:

Is there anything about your career you regret?

Not becoming a painter or sculptor. My parents refused to pay for me to study to become an artist, so I studied architecture instead. But my first major job was as architect for the Paris Biennale in the 1970s. It allowed me to work very closely with artists, and partly made up for that sacrifice.