The Eason Jordan hunting party misses biggest target

0422bylinejordan1.jpgSince Michelle Malkin et. al. started going after (now former) CNN exec news director Eason Jordan last week for (maybe) having said that U.S. GIs had been deliberately killing journalists in Iraq, the conservative half of the blogosphere is rubbing its hands together for having brought down Goliath. Most of them are still demanding that the World Economic Forum in Davos release the transcript or tape of Jordan’s speech (ever hear of how forthcoming that country was with its WW2 gold? Right. Take a number.)

What Fishbowl doesn’t read anywhere in the pages dedicated to self-congratulation and schadenfreude is how many journos have actually been killed this year, U.S. bullets or not. We think that statistic merits a few paragraphs of its own. Without the high-fives and cheers.