The Dramatic Life of Politico’s Hohmann


We’re not yet sure what to make of this former WaPo super intern turned Politico scribe. He’s no Snookie or even ex-Bachelor-famed Andy Baldwin, but does James Hohmann have reality show potential?

These Hohmann status updates were leaked to us Sunday, but not really, since Hohmann and I are official Facebook friends. Some may recall that his grandmother recently took a tumble down a flight of stairs while going to retrieve her LAT (she’s recovering).

But Hohmann? Never a dull moment.

Facebook status updates:

•James Hohmann, on his way to church for Easter, was outraged to discover the bolts stripped off his tires. Of all days, this one? Seriously? This is the latest in a string of incidents driving me to seriously consider a move to Rosslyn — where there’s less crime, lower taxes and more efficient government.

•James Hohmann has a message for the Godless hoodlums who vandalized my car and think they own DC’s streets: Not today! I missed the 10 am service, but I made the 11:30.

(Seems his spirits improved upon seeing women’s Easter hats.)

•James Hohmann just loves all the fancy hats that so many women wear on Easter. I’ve never understood why they went out of style. So elegant.