The Death of the “Designer Decade”


And another interesting bit of interesting from an interesting source. This time it’s a piece from the International Herald Tribune, Suzy Menkes’ story “Who’s Next In Fashion? No One.” It’s in answer to all of the big fashion weeks we’ve had in the past month and coming to the conclusion that the days of the big design name-names are over. From the internet to the big city boutiques, people are realizing that to own the same mass produced label shirt isn’t unique enough for their tastes, so they’re heading to those places.

The current state of the industry and a cultural state of mind makes it virtually impossible for any new designer to brand-build in the way that the 1980s seedlings flowered into mighty trees.

Of course there will be creative talents who inject new energy into the fashion scene. Heaven help us if there were not those forces for change and artistic souls whose vision reflects what is happening in the wider world. But will any of these construct a mighty empire with a global stretch, selling everything from lipsticks to bed linen? I doubt it.