'The Daily' Makes its Debut, But Where is It On the Web?

This morning, your WebNewser editor attended the launch event for “The Daily,” News Corp.’s iPad newspaper.

You can read the recap of the event from our sister blog FishbowlNY, but we wanted to focus on how “The Daily” interacts with the rest of the web.

There was concern early on that “The Daily” would be an island, isolated from the rest of the web and instead restrcited solely to the tablets.

As we learned this morning, that is not the case.

The Daily will have (limited) sharing abilities. If you are a “Daily” subscriber, you can share a story via Facebook or Twitter, and your friends can check out the story for free. It is limited in that you cannot access “Daily” content directly from its website, and only some content will be available. interactive features and videos will not be available on the broader web, though text stories and pictures will be.

In other words, “The Daily” will be a lot like the other News Corp. content behind a paywall. Technically hidden from view, but accessible to the savvy. More importantly, it gives people a chance to sample the content and decide whether to buy it for themselves.

“The Daily” is available for the iPad right now, and the first two weeks are free. After that it will cost $0.99 a week or $40 a year.