The Daily Baller

The request is in for a regular feature on Mike Riggs, The Daily Shroomer, er, The Daily Caller‘s blogger who writes “The DC Morning,” a wrap of the morning events.

So we oblige. And we’re calling the feature The Daily Baller (a “baller,” just so we’re all clear, is a thug who has “made it” to the big time. It was originally intended for ball players who made it off the streets and earned millions. Check your Urban Dictionaries). Riggs is a partying news hound who lives life on the edge. He speaks his mind at all hours of the day and night and describes himself “as offensive in person as I am in print.” We can attest that this is true.

There are many Riggs quotations we could have pulled for the The Daily Baller debut, but we won’t OD you on the offbeat reporter just yet. As one D.C. journalist put it, “Lord knows, D.C. needs it,” meaning someone like Riggs to shake things up.

Here’s hoping this doesn’t get the scribe fired. (Above are freshly picked shrooms.)

*“The cop who in my building hopes to work the Jon Stewart rally b/c ‘there are probably going to be some hot pieces of ass there.'”

(Early this morning.)

*“Just got asked to *not* come to a party.”


*“Awesome RT @cmdeb: I want to hump Megyn Kelly right now.”

(Last week.)