The Crystal Gets Shattered Again


It’s been called an ocean liner and the ideal teardown, and now, Bloomberg’s James S. Russell unleashes his flurry of big words upon Libeskind‘s Crystal:

Haley Sharpe Design, the same exhibition-design team that perpetrated the reinstalled galleries, will produce the new displays. I suspect visitors will be little drawn to what’s on view. Instead the gaze will wander to Libeskind’s funhouse windows crisscrossed by supports as tangled as nerve endings.

In too many ways Libeskind has been allowed to run amok.

Although we’re sure this string of negativity is just rolling off Liebskind’s well-compensated back (look how big he’s smiling), one reader writes us that she’s concerned about Liebskind’s wife/life coach Nina, who she imagines reading these reviews with “firey eyes and steam coming out of her ears.”