The Crystal Ball: Colombia Invasion? CIA Mystery Jails? Journos Being Shot At In Crawford?

And we’re back! Each week, FishbowlNY offers up their picks for the cream of the underreported news cycle. Are you a blogger? Journalist? Then these are the stories to keep an eye on:

  • Venezuelan sabre rattling: Venezuela’s aspiring Mussolini-in-training Hugo Chavez is preparing for his own, down-home invasion of Ethiopia by deploying troops to the Colombian border. Chavez’s justification? The murder of a Colombian rebel leader on Ecuadorean soil. Ecuador has also ordered troops to Colombia’s border, withdrawn their ambassador from Colombia and expelled Colombia’s ambassador to the country.

  • The island of mystery deportations: A newly released United Nations report claims that the tiny Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia was used as a secret American ‘black site’ to jail terrorists. According to a report that was leaked from the island, prisoners “were beaten even more severely than in Guantanamo.”

  • Those gun-happy Texans: A Danish journalist covering an event at President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, TX was nearly shot by an ornery local after accidentally tresspassing on her property. Dick Cheney was unavailable for comment.