The Correspondents Coalition for Cocktail Carts Needs You


Last week we told you about the coup forming on Facebook to support the Examiner’s Julie Mason in her run for WHCA Board. Mason has already rallied a strong group of supporters with her “work some, play hard” platform that includes “afternoon cocktail carts, a South Lawn ice luge, press access to the swing set and soothing massage.”

Over the weekend, Mason’s campaign manager – Bloomberg’s Karen Leigh reached out to FishbowlDC in hopes of tapping into some creative campaign slogans:

Karen Leigh here — as Julie’s “campaign manager” just wanted to let you know that we’ll be organizing a rally (aka drinks) at some point and that we’re currently soliciting catchy campaign slogans (Julie 4 Prez has already been suggested and vetoed.)

After “hours and hours” of creative brainstorming I came up with a few:

Don’t Bother Racin’ Just Vote for Mason.

Julie, Truly, Truly Outrageous. Vote Mason.

Don’t be Cruel-y, Vote for Julie. ???

As you can see from my lame concepts, The Correspondents Coalition for Cocktail Carts needs your creative juices. Send in slogan ideas for Julie’s campaign and we’ll post the “best of” tomorrow for the candidate’s review.

*let us know if you’d like to be anonymous.