The ‘Collegiate Gothic’ Multi-Campus Plague


Well here we have the exact opposite of all that Tom Wolfe and Italian anti-modernism. Lawrence Biemiller over at the Chronicle of Higher Education‘s blog has called out all those faux-classic buildings lining modern college campus and has asked “Collegiate Gothic: the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Campus Architecture?” Biemiller calls it like he sees it, claiming that, early on, colleges and universities got lazy, thinking this very serious, very self-important style of architecture was the only way to go, only to go through the decades to find that we’re still building the same things, only cheaper and even less effective than the lazy originals. But for all of those Prince Charles‘ out there saying, “Wait, wait, wait…” please remember that Biemiller’s title includes a question mark, which he opens up for comments on what readers think. And of course, the very first is:

“I’d vote for mid 20th century boxes as the worst thing to every [sic] happen.”