The Cincinnati Enquirer Brings Home the Bacon with Porkappolis

The Cincinnati Enquirer is looking to hog a share of location-based mobile app traffic in its home market with its launch of Porkappolis, a competitor to foursquare, Gowalla, and Yelp that hopes to capitalize on its knowledge and understanding of Cincinnati, Poynter reported.

Porkappolis got its name from an old Cincinnati nickname, Pig City, from when the city was a hog-packing center, according to Poynter, and in addition to check-ins and badges, Bacon is on its menu — not the actual food, but a tab within Porkappolis that offers geo-targeted information, such as nearby happy hours.

The app is a white-label version of DoubleDutch, Poynter reported.

Brian Butts of told Poynter:

We hope to come out with a really good list of handsets that support it. We don’t want to copy foursquare or Gowalla. Is there something you can add to that equation, something to add to that experience? We will never be the local eBay. eBay is the local eBay. Has foursquare or Gowalla reached that point yet? I don’t think they have.