The Business Insider Continues Its Content Sharing Conquest

logo-tbi.jpgDon’t be alarmed if you start to see articles from The Atlantic‘s Megan McArdle reprinted in full on another Web site. It’s just The Business Insider again, striking another content-sharing deal like the one it has with Gawker Media, allowing the site to go all Huffington Post and reprint entire pieces from other news organizations without being slammed by copyright infringement claims (which in today’s digital market, is becoming an increasingly tricky area to corral).

We’ve heard that TBI has cut more of these content-sharing deals with smaller blogs, and that its page The Tape often features occasional outside posts from these publications, along with its regular RSS feed.

When we wrote about Business Insider’s deal with Gawker, we asked if there was any benefit to sharing complete content beyond the obvious: more content and more exposure. While we still don’t have our answer, the number of media organizations willing to jump on these deals proves that there’s something in it for them after all, even if we don’t know what.

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