The Bret Baier Project


FOX’s Bret Baier, already considered by many of you to be hot, is trying to get even hotter. He’s started “The Bret Baier” project over at

    I was hoping to start this “program” in November before we left for Sinapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia. And while I had every intention to do just that — I dropped the ball… or more accurately – I punted. Then came the holiday eating and the long list of Washington Christmas parties… and I never got off the starting line. In fact, I actually GAINED 3 pounds over the last 5 weeks. But, today begins the journey officially. I stand here today, December 26th, 2006… at 223 pounds. (You know how “they” say that TV adds 10 lbs… well, for me, people tell me I look a lot bigger in person. I guess I don’t carry the poundage in my face on camera. But, I have a lot to lose — take a look at the behind the cam pic.)

    I am hoping to drop 30-35 lbs by June. I will detail the ups and downs here. I’ll lay out the program (one that looks like I can follow it even on the road), and in the meantime I’ll also give you a little behind the scenes of being a White House Correspondent, too. I would love your input… so type away!

Follow his progress here.