The Big Four Anti-Malware Apps for Android. Only One Runs on Tablets

In the previous blog item here, I noted that well-known anti-virus firm Avast plans to provide a security tool for rooted Android phones sometime in the future.

Avast Plans to Offer Anti-Malware Tool for Rooted Android Phones

But, what if you want some kind of anti-malware tool today? I took a look at the Android Market and found anti-malware apps for Android published by security firms with high name recognition. I cannot say if they provide the best security for your Android phone. However, they are produced by firms that you may have some confidence in.

Kaspersky Mobile Security ($9.95) 4.1 stars

Lookout Mobile Security (free) 4.6 stars

McAfee Mobile Security (free) 3.7 stars

Norton Mobile Security (Beta) (free) 4.2 stars

1. It is easy to note that only Kaspersky’s product is a paid app. Lookout, McAfee and Norton’s products are all free.

2. Lookout’s product has the highest average rating (out of a possible 5-stars).

3. Lookout’s product has the most user reviews (144,003) by far. Norton is a distant second with 3,989 reviews. Kaspersky and McAfee’s products have fewer than 300 reviews each.

4. McAfee’s product is the only one of the four listed here that is said to be compatible with the Motorola Xoom tablet running Android OS 3.1 (Honeycomb).