The B2B Power Of Twitter [STUDY]

A recent study by Compete in collaboration with Twitter examined the impact of tweet exposure on B2B tech companies.

The insights suggest Twitter is an invaluable tool in B2B lead generation and conversion.

The study, titled “Tweets in Action: Mobile/Tech,” looked at the “site visitation behavior” of 6,000+ U.S. Internet users to 400+ B2B tech sites from mid-November through December of last year.

The study included three groups of users: a test group who saw at least one tweet from a B2B tech company, and two control groups made of users who didn’t see B2B tech tweets – one comprised of Twitter users, the other “representative of the average Internet user.”

The aim was to determine whether or not tweets play a direct role in generating business for B2B companies.

Here were the findings:

1. Twitter users who see tweets from B2B tech brands are more likely to visit the sites of those brands.

2. Twitter users who see B2B tech brand tweets are more likely to search for those brands online.

3. Twitter users exposed to B2B tech brand tweets are more likely to convert. While 4% of average Internet users completed sign-up on a B2B tech site, Twitter users converted at more than double the rate (11%).

In short? There is considerable, measurable ROI for B2B tech companies on Twitter.

(Source: Twitter. B2B image via Shutterstock.)