The Audacity of Politico’s FLOTUS Coverage

Dear VandeHarris,

How could you? This week you’ve crashed into Amie Parnes territory with all the grace of a dump truck by allowing freelancer Marian Burros to impede on Parne’s well worn Michelle Obama beat with her gargantuan investigative food piece. Sure she’s got credentials – she has been a culinary columnist for the NYT, she’s written nine cookbooks, her children are purported to be “fabulous cooks” and she has written about “culinary concerns” for the past 25 years. But did you consult Parnes before you allowed this? We’re feeling territorial for her at this point. But just to show we’re good sports, we’ve sifted through Ms. Burros’ food piece with one of FLOTUS’s famed french fries. By the way, one journalist was so outraged by such an extensive FLOTUS story not being written by Parnes that he wrote in to say, “If they pulled Parnes, I’m going to kick one of my children out of anger.”  We’re certain he was just emoting. In the meantime, we leave you with observations on the piece. And please, get Parnes back on the beat ASAP and don’t put us through this psychosis again. Our readers can’t take it and neither can we. As the late Sen. Lloyd Bentsen might say if he cared about stuff like this, “Marian Burros, you are no Amie Parnes.”


FishbowlDC Management


1. Burros takes “Let’s Move” to a whole new level by moving through all the restaurants where Michelle has eaten and conceivably attempting to eat all that the first lady has. This means burgers, doubled fried french fries, creme brulee, overly salty seared trout, 15-layer carrot cake, a hell of a lot of vegetables and dirty martinis.

2. Burros did not enjoy all of Michelle’s favorites. She writes, “You have to eat a lot of bad meals before you get a good one. Parnes would never insult FLOTUS’s culinary preferences.

3. Finally, we love this detail: At a recent meal at Restaurant Eve, President Obama dined on a man-sized 10-ounce Ribeye while FLOTUS ate a “lady-size nugget of venison au poivre and a light little corn cake.” Nothing like a little gender distinction with a meal.

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