The Atlantic Goes ‘Current’

Old issue of The AtlanticThe Atlantic‘s president Justin Smith first made his name over at The Week. When he jumped ship last year, there was speculation that he’d try to nudge the veteran weekly to produce content that had more of a resemblance to the listage in The Week.

The speculation was right.

Smith’s new project, The Current, just launched. The idea? Atlantic writers write 150-200 word short pieces for online consumption only. You know, like a (gasp) group blog.

Credit Suisse is partially underwriting the launch and so far, it’s pretty decent. Our only complaints?

1) Pop-up ads often take up half the screen and block the viewing of content.

2) In order to find a post’s writer from the main index, you need to click on a link. Good for generating page view statistics, bad for gathering user goodwill.