The Alex Kuczynski guessing game

brucew.jpgWho is the movie star so coyly referred to as ‘The Movie Star’ in Alex Kucynski’s look at the Chateau Drug store in Ketchum, Idaho in today’s NYT? Well, the obvious choice is Ketchum’s most famous resident, or at least the most famous person who talks about Ketchum a lot, Bruce Willis. So, if it is Willis, why be so coy about it, and if it’s not Willis, why essentially mislead readers into thinking it is Willis?

And though this isn’t quite FishbowlLA territory, while we’re on the Thursday Styles section, note that this article about razors is purportedly written by a ‘Nick Burns,’ who, according to my archive search, has but one other byline, also shaving-related. Razors? ‘Nick?’ ‘Burns?’ Get it? I know the Times made up WMDs, but are they making up reporters now, too?

Anyway, I’m writing to Byron Calame.

UPDATE: My intrepid sister looked into this, and the Times says Burns is a real person. I’ll believe it when I see him on ‘Charlie Rose.’