The 20 Fastest Growing Facebook Apps: Not Just Social Games

Social games continue to dominate Facebook’s developer platform, according to our most recent statistics from AppData. But well-tuned applications for other verticals also continue to grow, as do Facebook’s own mobile applications.

Here’s the latest look at the top 20 fastest growing applications on Facebook, ranked by total number of monthly active users they’ve added in the last seven days.

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Leading game developer Zynga has the top two titles. Number one is the FarmVille phenomenon, which grew by 4.21 million in a single week to reach 37.7 million monthly active users. It’s a virtual farming game that Zynga has been promoting across its already-large network of apps, as well as through advertising. The results have been record-breaking.

In addition to holding the top spot, Zynga also holds the second-fastest growing app: Mafia Wars, its long-time hit role-playing game. The game managed to grow by almost exactly 2 million users in the last week to reach 20.7 million MAUs.

The next four fastest-growing apps this week are notably not games. Number three is Causes, the Facebook app made by the company of the same name, that helps people organize Facebook user around any sort of cause. It grew 1.74 million over the past week to reach 27.6 million MAUs. Number four is RockYou‘s Birthday Cards, which lets you send and receive specialized birthday cards. While far smaller than most other apps near the top of the list, it grew a relatively large 1.23 million to 8.46 million MAUs.

Coming in at number five is movie fan app Movies, made by Flixster, which grew 1.13 million in the last week to reach 19.1 million MAUs. Number six is We’re Related, the family-connecting app from It grew 938,000 users to pass the 20 million MAU mark, reaching 20.3 million as of today.

From then on out the list is all games, or other game-like apps, such as the the poke-style apps in the “Just For Fun” category of Facebook’s app directory – with a couple of interesting exceptions. Facebook’s web app for the iPhone, hot off of a newly-released 3.0 version, grew by more than half a million users to 13.3 million MAUs. It is the 12th-fastest growing application, and well ahead of Facebook’s more general “Mobile” mobile web page app. The latter, in 22nd place, grew 384,000 to reach 10.5 million MAUs.

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Finally, while international applications have thoroughly cracked the lower rungs of the app leaderboards, only one is in our top 20 list today. It’s called Senin İçin, which means “For You” in Turkish. Similar to the larger genre of poking and gifting applications, it lets you send virtual flower bouquets to Facebook friends. In a testament to Turkey’s overall position as one of the largest Facebook countries in the world, the app has managed to grow from around 22,000 at the end of August to more than 587,000 today.