Thank You For Being Interesting

-Curios Cat-

“Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly.” ~Arnold Edinborough
To all the people on the social web and to those that I’ve met at events around the world: I’d like to thank you for being passionate and being interesting. In the social media space it’s extremely easy to get caught up in everything taking place around us however we often forget to realize that the rest of the world is not like us. Passion and creativity are unique traits that are too often lost as children and students fall through the cracks. Whatever the reasons are for so many people not being “interesting”, I’d like to thank you because you are.

The First Rule Of Success With Social Media: Be Interesting

Many people are always looking for ways to have fortune and fame. In the old media model, a few media organizations had a firm grip on the distribution of content. Thanks to social media everything is changed and the first way to start building a brand is to be interesting. Curious, passionate, intelligent, and generally interesting people tend to attract to each other. These unique individuals also tend to attract others within their personal social graphs.

If you want to become an influential node in the global social graph work at becoming interesting. This means studying what makes people tick and becoming generally interested in those individuals. I’ve had the fortune of meeting a number of extremely successful and interesting individuals over the past few years and they all share these same characteristics.

The Quick Road To Riches Is The Lottery

Often times people are looking for that quick fix that will instantly turn make them a lot of money and make them successful. If you want to find it, go play the lottery. Otherwise spend some time exploring the world that you live in and you’ll eventually find things that you’re so passionate about. Take the lessons you learn and share them with the world and you too can generate true wealth and become well known if that’s something you seek.

Social media is the platform for sharing and with the majority of social media tools being freely available there’s no excuse not to share. So to all those Twitter and Facebook friends, fellow bloggers, readers, and other interesting people that I know: thank you. You are the ones that make the world a fun place to live and you make it better for all of us.