Territory Battle Over Traveling Dead Body Exhibits Reaches Indiana


What happens when there is the potential to have too many dead bodies in one place at one time? Ultimately, someone is going to have to fold. And this time it’s the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis, who, in this weird little story, was set to bring the extremely popular, museum cash cow that is the traveling “Body Worlds” exhibit, only to decide to cancel it, likely because of the competing dead body show across town at the “Bodies…The Exhibition” in the Claypool Court museum. So instead, they’re going to extend the run of several of their current exhibits until the other bodies get shipped out of town and they can sign a new contract with the “Body Worlds” people and truck in their corpses. Here’s a bit:

“There are a lot of thing that go into a major exhibit like that. It just didn’t see like the time was right for us,” said Kathi Moore, the museum’s communications director. The museum’s decision, she added, wasn’t a breach of contract.

“I can’t say the museum isn’t disappointed…but contractually it wasn’t an issue.”

So is this going to be a big new thing? The highly competitive body part exhibition circuit? Like the traveling circuses in days of yore? Sure, it’s only seven in the morning, but we think we need a drink.