Terminal Bliss?

Terminal Bliss?


On the heels of yesterday’s news that JFK’s Terminal 5 is alive comes a report from spanking new blog Connecting Flights on the completion of American Airlines’ “super terminal” Terminal 8 (which will replace the “just plain nasty“-ness of Terminals 8 and 9.) Yesterday was the media’s chance to sneak a peek at the $1.1 billion baby, and here’s what our man on the inside had to say:

I’m no architecture critic, but if the new Terminal 8 is the future of American airport design, then the passengers of the future should expect to be awed and bored at the same time. Awed because the soaring 65 ft. atrium above the ticketing counters has a certain grandeur in its combination of space, light, and undulating ceiling (which is meant, of course, to bring to mind a wing). [Ed. note: Or, a train station. Or a hat, or a brooch, or a pterodactyl!) On first glance, the terminal is undeniably handsome… in a generic sort of way.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but then American Airlines isn’t really known for its risk-taking. In true New York style, though, you won’t be forced to mix with the riff-raff snacking on candies at The Grove or wolfing down potato skins at TGI Fridays if you don’t want to. A mere $50 (which you can certainly afford if you used the company car to actually get to the airport) grants you access to the ultra-luxe Admirals Club.


“Equipped with a bar, workstations, showers, a children’s playroom, and rows upon rows of leather club chairs (vs. the Eames knockoffs in the actual terminal), the Admirals Club embodied the new airport luxe… Perhaps the Jet Set era hasn’t vanished after all; you simply have to pay for it a la carte.”